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With decades of practical experience in the areas of drain repair, plumbing, emergency toilet unblocking and water jetting, we are the drainage and sanitation company of choice for the most exact and particular customers in county Meath.

We service the area of Slane, full time, year round, so if you are faced with an emergency or simply need a dependable company to install or maintain your drains or plumbing system, you can’t go wrong with Meath drain services. Our seasoned pros have access to the very latest sanitation and plumbing equipment technology and are experts are using it all to great effect.

We’re completely comfortable with massive corporate and industrial contracts as well as smaller domestic jobs that can be often completed in under 30 minutes. It all depends on your situation, property type and needs. We offer a highly individualized service that works for the good of each and every client.

To get in contact with one of the drain cleaning or plumbing experts here at Meath drains or to request a quote for drain excavations or pipe laying, call 087 254 2470 or email

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